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Tree Planting Project Coordinator

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317 Elm Street, Newark, New Jersey 07105, USA

Job Type

Grant funded full-time role that ends Sept 30th 2026.

About the Role

● Basic knowledge of environmental justice, climate change, racial and social justice and community organizing principles
● Ability to work in collaboration with team members and also work independently and manage multiple priorities, stakeholders and workflows
● 0-2 years of experience with farming (urban or rural)
● Some experience with power tools/basic carpentry necessary
● Lived experience/or working experience in low-income, communities of color
● A valid New Jersey Driver’s License ● Ability to lift 50 lbs.
● Ability to work outdoors in hot and cold weather
● Ability to work weekends and evening hours
Core Values
ICC is animated by a core group of values, including mutual respect, empathy, fairness and transparency, commitment to excellence, and accountability.
Mutual Respect: We accept the importance of each person’s rights, customs and wishes. We are courteous and supportive in all of our interactions with clients and colleagues. Examples of this value in action are:
● Maintaining an open door policy - feeling empowered to bring forward ideas and concerns in a respectful manner; and a willingness to hear the ideas of your colleague, community member, or direct manager
● Recognizing the unique contributions of each team member
● Maintaining boundaries - not everything is appropriate to share with colleagues and not all communication is right for work
Empathy: We strive to understand what others are experiencing and feeling by trying to see things from their perspectives. We are willing to give our time and energy to the community and are constantly searching for ways to improve the lives of those we serve. Examples of this value in action are:
● Participate in a culture of teamwork
● Listening with an open mind and being attentive to what others are saying, how they’re doing, and their perspective
● Offering assistance and providing support when you can
Fairness and Transparency: We are committed to authentic, two-way communication, willing to listen without judgment and, with respect, express our point of view. We cherish diversity and inclusiveness, embracing the community with its input and feedback. Examples of this value in action are:
● Encouraging feedback from community members to involve them in decision making
● Sharing learning and mistakes
● Speaking honestly and not withholding important information and details
Commitment to Excellence: We provide the highest quality service possible, earning trust and exceeding expectations. We continuously learn from experience. We approach challenges with creativity and flexibility. Examples of this value in action are:
● Receiving or giving constructive criticism in order to strive for excellence
● Showing a commitment to focusing on solutions
● Apply consistent practices to move community work in a positive direction
Accountability: We are responsible for the quality and outcomes of the programs we provide, for explaining why deviations from reasonable expectations may have occurred, and for responding responsibly at all times, especially when errors in behavior or judgment have happened. Examples of this value in action are:
● Making restorations, not blame, the goal
● Continuously tracking progress to achieve results
● Leading by example and holding yourself accountable


This role involves coordinating collaborative tree planting initiatives in Newark's Ironbound section, targeting the urban heat island effect, flooding, and air quality issues. The position requires active engagement with residents and businesses to support sustainability efforts. Working closely with partners and the city, the coordinator will oversee planting operations, conduct workshops, and secure permits and services. The role aligns with Newark's sustainability plans and welcomes individuals passionate about urban forestry, community engagement, and mitigating environmental harm. The coordinator should possess strong communication skills and be hands-on in orchestrating tree planting and maintenance. Join us in spearheading a community-driven initiative to address tree shortages, aiming to serve as a model for environmental justice beyond Newark. Roles & Responsibilities include, but not limited to;

Tree Planting Management:

●      Oversee the successful planting of a minimum of 250 trees in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ

●      Coordinate with partners and city officials to ensure proper execution of tree planting operations ● Implement and adhere to the established timeline and budget for the tree planting initiative Community Education and Engagement:

●      Develop and implement educational programs to inform a minimum of residents and small business owners on proper tree stewardship

●      Facilitate workshops addressing quality of life issues related to trees, air quality, flooding, and urban heat island effects

●      Foster ongoing communication and engagement with the community to encourage active participation

in sustainability efforts

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:

●      Create a comprehensive "Lessons Learned" document detailing insights, challenges, and successful strategies from the tree planting initiative

●      Ensure documentation is accessible for other communities seeking guidance on addressing urban heat island effects and increasing climate resiliency Outcome Evaluation:

●      Monitor and evaluate the impact of the tree-planting initiative on the local environment

●      Ensure the increase of tree canopy in the Ironbound section of Newark, contributing to improved air quality, flood mitigation, and reduced urban heat island effects Community Awareness and Support System:

●      Establish and maintain a support system where residents and small business owners are aware of proper tree care and maintenance

●      Provide information on city resources for addressing quality of life issues related to trees, air quality, flooding, and heat Blueprint Development:

●      Develop a comprehensive blueprint for community-led, collaborative tree planting initiatives that can be replicated in other environmental justice communities

●      Share the blueprint with relevant stakeholders, ensuring its accessibility and applicability in diverse settings

Collaborative Partnerships:

●      Foster and strengthen partnerships with different wards in the city, partners/stakeholder, and the city of Newark to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach to the initiative Feedback:

●      Implement feedback mechanisms to continuously improve and refine the tree planting initiative

Stay informed about emerging best practices and technologies in urban forestry and sustainability ● Other duties as needed

About the Company

The Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage and empower individuals, families, and groups in realizing their aspirations and, together, work to create a just, vibrant, and sustainable community. ICC strives to address the needs of our diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural community. Today, ICC serves more than 1,000 children and families every day with a wide range of programs and services. ICC also strengthens communities through advocacy, neighborhood organizing, community development initiatives and family services.

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If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Tree Planting Project Coordinator”

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