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Check Your Products: Lead in Cinnamon Apple Sauce Pouches and Salmonella in Pre-cut Cantaloupe

Cinnamon Apple Sauce Pouches:

Ongoing investigation and recall on WanaBana, Schnucks, or Weis-brand apple cinnamon pouches. It is advised to empty the pouch's contents into the trash can, discard the packaging, and washing your hands afterwards!

On November 30, 2023, Austrofood, along with Wanabana USA, the distributor of WanaBana products in the United States, released a statement that reports that Wanabana has conducted a root cause investigation. Based on this investigation, the firm’s leading hypothesis to date is that the cinnamon is the source of the elevated lead levels in the recalled products. The statement released today by Wanabana USA and Austrofood states that the cinnamon used to manufacture the recalled products was supplied by Negocios Asociados Mayoristas S.A., operating as Negasmart, a third-party distribution company located in Ecuador. (FDA 2023)

Pre-cut Cantaloupe:

Ongoing investigation and recall on the following whole and pre-cut cantaloupe brands. It is advised to check the brand of your cantaloupe.

FDA has received additional recalls of pre-cut products made from recalled cantaloupes and has posted a compiled list of these recalls on the FDA website. This list will be updated as the agency receives notifications of new recalls. If you cannot tell if your cantaloupe, including pre-cut cantaloupe or products containing pre-cut cantaloupe is part of the recall, do not eat or use it and throw it away (FDA, Nov. 30, 2023).

Recalled whole cantaloupe from the following brands:

  • Whole fresh cantaloupes with a label on the cantaloupe that says “Malichita” or “Rudy”, “4050”, and “Product of Mexico/produit du Mexique”.

  • Retailers and wholesalers would have received recalled whole melons from Crown Jewels Produce in boxes labeled “Malichita/Z Farms” or from Sofia Produce doing business as TruFresh in boxes labeled “Malichita” or “Rudy”, or from Pacific Trellis in corrugated cartons with certain lot codes.

Recalled pre-cut cantaloupe and products containing pre-cut cantaloupes (these products are made from recalled whole cantaloupes):

  • ALDIExternal Link Disclaimer cantaloupe, cut cantaloupe, and pineapple spears in clamshell packaging with Best-by dates between October 27 and October 31 and sold in IL, IN, IA, KY, MI, and WI.

  • Vinyard cantaloupe chunks and cubes, fruit mixes, melon medleys, and fruit cups containing cantaloupe. Most have a “Vinyard” label, and some have a red label with “Fresh” sold between October 30 and November 10 in Oklahoma stores.

  • Freshness Guaranteed (sold at select WalmartExternal Link Disclaimer stores) seasonal blend, melon trio, melon mix, fruit blend, fruit bowl, seasonal fruit tray, fruit mix, and cantaloupe chunks; and RaceTrac fruit medley sold in clear square or round plastic containers. Recalled products were sold at select retail stores in IN, MI, OH, KY, NC, TN, VA, IL, TX, and LA (see recall announcement for lot codes and “best by” dates).

  • KwikTrip 6-oz mixed fruit cup, 6-oz cantaloupe cup, and 16-oz fruit tray distributed to Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Stop-N-Go, Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery, and Tobacco Outlet Plus convenience stores in WI, MN, IA, MI, IL, and SD.

  • Bix Produce 5.75-oz Created Fresh! cantaloupe Grab N’ Go fruit cups, Created Fresh! Grab N’ Go mixed fruit cups, and Jack & Olive mixed fruit cups sold in MN, ND, SD, and WI.

  • GHGA pre-cut products containing cantaloupe branded as Sprouts Farmers Market, Trader Joes, and unbranded products sold at Kroger. Recalled products were distributed to Kroger stores in AL and GA, Sprout’s Farmers Market stores in AL, GA, NC, and SC, and Trader Joe’s stores in AL, FL, GA, SC, and TN (see recall for lot codes and “sell-by” dates).

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