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Introducing - Newark Climate Ambassadors

The Climate Justice Ambassador (CJA) Program was a huge success this summer!

We are extremely proud of all the interns & look forward to seeing their role progress as Ambassadors in the fall.

Throughout the program, several speakers from the Newark green team trained the Climate Justice Interns on various topics (see below). In addition, each session was paired with a hands-on activity that cements the intern's understanding of the technical content and builds their sense of stewardship/leadership as climate action change-makers in their communities.

Key highlights from the program :

  • 14 hours of Core Content Training on:

- Green House Gas Emissions: Jon Gordon, City of Newark

- Urban Heat Island Effect: Zenon Tech-Czarny, Sustainable Jersey

- EJ Primer & Air Quality: Dr. Laumbach, Cynthia Mellon, Dr. Sheats

- Food & Waste: Emilio Panasci, Urban Agriculture

- Recycling: Brenda Anderson, City of Newark

- Nature Services (Trees): Crystal Wessel, NJ Tree Foundation - Green Infrastructure: Nicole Miller, Newark Dig - Energy: Rodney Williams, Newark Public Schools

  • 6 Hours of Climate Interpreter Training

  • Field Experiences Including Environmental Justice Tour, Port Tour, Eco-cruise, Camp Watershed, and a closeup view of solar on a roof

Next Steps

As Ambassadors, their role includes listening to the concerns of their community, becoming the voice that connects these concerns as well as help build relationships between the community and those who have the power to make a difference.

Congratulations Ambassadors!

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