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[ZOOM EVENT] Join the Office of Sustainability April 1 Tree Canopy Coordination Call

Increasing Newark’s tree canopy is the City of Newark’s top sustainability priority. The Office of Sustainability is excited to engage with you on this important initiative. I am pleased to invite you to join a Zoom meeting hosted by the Office of Sustainability on Monday, April 1 at 1pm. During the Zoom meeting you have the opportunity to:

·         meet the City of Newark’s team ushering in the city’s tree canopy initiative,

·         learn about updates to the City’s tree planting protocols,

·         share your plans for increasing the tree canopy this Spring,

·         and explore how we can all coordinate the tree planting efforts across the city.


Register using the following link


Please share this invite with anyone that you know that may be interested in this initiative including residents, students, community organizations, faith-based institutions, and business owners.

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